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This page is going to take you on a journey into our world, a world that you won't return the same as you were when you entered

The happenings of the Most unstoppable force in NFW history

May 10th Prentice Fallout - It was a night that well NEVER be forgotten in the NFW. Rayge unleashed his final plan to end once and for all the Black Hand and has finally put himself where he wants to be. The Advisor and Agent to the most destructful force in Professional Wrestling. He gained the talents of “Superstar Steve Stardom, The Hangtime Players, and Anicrusix and with that brought home the NFW World, Tag Team and Hardcore Titles.

Your US Champion, The Rookie Phenom. The Boogieman along with “Superstar Steve Stardom” tossed a beating to the Lynch Mob

From there we saw the distruction of the Black Hand begin as The Hangtime Players CLEANLY beat them for the NFW Tag Team Championships. Im common form of The Black Hand and the sore loser ways, after the match Darkchild Held Rayge down for a Redlighting Missle Drop kick which gave Rayge a broken nose and a mild concussion. Rayge was taken to the emergency room, But fear not P&A fans, he was released that night. From there there was a Battle Royal for the vacant NFW World Heavy Weight Championship and after taking his time “Superstar” Steve Stardom won his second Title. From there, The final blows were dished out as the end result was Pain and Agony triumphantly standing in the ring as The Black Hand had to be helped to the back and needed Medical attention

In other Action was First Chaos taking on that piece of trash crow wanna be Darkwolf. After handing him a beating, Chaos decided to let Havoc come on and have some fun as well. Havoc took on Panama Jack but lost only to a refs mistake with I will assure you will never happen again

Up comming Dates for Pain and Agony and who is in action

June 1st Ladysmith Wi Wrestlefest II Ceder Lodge The Boogieman will go against Horce the Psycopath, “Superstar” Steve Stardom will Defend his NFW World Championship against a Mystery Opponite, Dinty Moore and Anicrucix will be in a 4 Way Dance for the NFW Hardcore Championship, The Hangtime Players will defend there Tag Team Championships against Travis Sharpe and Mason Quinn, Major Chaos will square off against Peter B Beautiful, and Havoc will finally be teaching Darkwolf who the better wrester was in there former Tag Team "The Wild Breed"

June 7th Merril Wi Smith Center Slamfest The Boogieman will Show Kevin Kruger what the Rookie Phenom is all about as they square off, Dinty Moore will show former WWE, WCW Star Raven what hardcore is all about as they wrestle under "Raven's Rules", Anicrusix will take on that homo Peter B Beautiful, Superstar Steve Stardom will face DDPChild

And as always Rayge and the Beautiful Jaci Johnson will be there to grace you with our presance

This will be updated as the the cards and dates for Federations are release. For future days signed but not booked send email


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