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The Creation of a Destiny
In June of 2002 The Mastermind Rayge came to the NFW with a mission. To find the right people to take under his wing and form a faction to take out and destroy the one team that has been unbeatable. As a ring announcer, Rayge watched and studied wrestlers until he found the right one. Suddenly he found 1 that with the knowlage inside his head, would become the most domanating man in all of Sports Entertainment. The mission began and talks were had and on December 21st at Show down in Sheldon, Pain and Agony was born. Rayge took a hold of Autumn Hayze and The Boogieman and created an unstoppable force. With the Mastermind behind them, Pain & Agony has won championships and wreaked devastation in the NFW and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. Since then, Wrestlers Chaos, Havoc and Mayhem has seen the light and joined the faction that will soon bring an end to the Black Hand, the NFW and anyone else that decides to stand in our way!!!!!!!!